Middle Mile + Last Mile

We manage the line haul carrier, the last-mile delivery, all customer interaction, and the BOL paperwork, while providing real-time visibility to all transportation milestones and modes along the way. In this rapidly changing business environment with fluctuations in delivery channels and shifts in customer demands, it makes sense to utilize NSD’s Middle Mile + Last Mile shipping solutions.

Benefits to using NSD’s Middle Mile Plus Last Mile Services:

  • Real-time shipment visibility from origin to final destination
  • Single source transportation solutions across the entire supply chain
  • Vendor direct-to-consumer fulfillment service
  • Reduced fleet management costs
  • RDC and DC bypass, offering increased speed-to-market
  • Network scalability to meet all seasonal or promotional sales shipment spikes
  • Multiple line haul carrier sourcing with TMS, EDI, tracking & tracing, and lane optimization software
  • Minimized shipment handling resulting in reduced OS&D