This weekend we are planning on moving everyone from the domain to the domain. Attached is the document that will assist you with the migration. The NSD IT Support team will assist with any and all issues, but please look at the document and make sure you can access the instructions from another computer or phone if at all possible.  We expect everyone to be able complete the steps that are needed.


During the migration process, you will not be able to connect to your computer to view the instructions, so please bookmark this link.  It is available from anywhere on the internet.


The migration process will begin Friday night around 10 PM.


We need everyone to leave their computers on and connected to WiFi/Internet and the VPN until the migration process has completed.  At the end of the process your computer will reboot and you will need to follow the document.  Do not login as your or account.


You will then login with your account and follow the instructions that are provided in the attached document and on this link.


From then on you will be logging into your computer as the account.  At this time our emails will still accept and be forwarded to our emails.


If there are any issues please let us know. For this weekend we will be available via email ( portal ( and phone 703-964-9500 x6000



Daniel and your IT Support Staff